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Perfect Girl Evolution Mirror!

Who do YOU resemble?

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PGE Mirror

Welcome to PGE Mirror, a stamping/rating community for the manga/anime Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge (Perfect Girl Evolution a/k/a/ The Wallflower) by Hayakawa Tomoko.

Community Rules

Application Process;

♥ You must be a member to post your application! Click here to join!

♥ Fill out the application (below) with honest answers. Do not craft your answers so you get the character you want. Feel free to elaborate on your answers, but not excessively.

♥ Use an LJ-cut. There is no excuse for not using it, because we are including it in your application code.

♥ When including photos in your application, please do not use cosplay photos. We would like to see you. Your photo(s) should be clear and include your face. This applied to both the regular and the mirror applications.

♥ Please use proper grammar and punctuation to the best of your abilities.

♥ Please vote on at least three open (unstamped) applications before submitting your own application. As proof that you have done this, be sure to include links to those votes in your application. If there are less than three open applications on which to vote, vote on as many as possible and indicate the shortage in your application. Click here to see all unstamped applications.

♥ To prove you read the rules, the question in which we ask your favorite color should be answered as "purple and pink plaid." Then, put your real favorite color in the subject line of your post. If you do not do this, we will assume you haven't read the rules. You will be warned once to correct your application, and if you fail to do so your application will be deleted.

♥ You must first be stamped as a character with a regular stamp application before you will be able to submit a mirror application. When submitting a mirror application, to prove you have read the rules, please type 'all I want is a photograph' in the subject line of your post.

♥ If you do not agree with your stamp, please wait a week before reapplying. Be sure to mention in your reapplication that you have been stamped previously, and link to your previous application. We would also like to know why you think you require a re-stamp. Be careful with your second application, as you will not get a third application opportunity.

♥ You will be stamped after five (5) unanimous votes, or at the mods' discretion.


♥ You do not need to be stamped in order to vote on an application; you must, however, be a community member! Please try to vote on as many applications as possible!

♥ Be kind! If you are disrespectful to mods or other members, you will be removed from the community whether you are stamped or not.

♥ Try to keep an open mind when voting.

♥ If you cannot decide between two characters, you may vote for them both. Please do not vote for more than two on any one application.

♥ Please bold your vote(s). This makes it easier for the mods to count votes.

♥ Please be sure to thoroughly read each application before voting.

♥ Try to give a short explanation for your vote.

♥ Please use the following list of characters when considering your vote;

Auntie [the Landlady]
Kasahara Naie [Noi]
Morii Ranmaru
Nakahara Sunako
Oda Takenaga
Sakurajin Machiko
Takano Kyohei
Toyama Yukinojo

[If you would like to suggest others for this list, please feel free to do so!]


Mirror Application


ag_rating // airgear
akatsuki_stamp // akatsuki
angels_rating // angel sanctuary
clampxxxholic // xxxholic
dnangel_rating // dnangel
furubarating // fruits basket
gb_rating // getbackers
hanadan_rating // hana yori dango
kckarin_rating // kamichama karin
key_mirror // key (group)
kkm_rating // kyou kara maou!
ks_rating // koutetsu sangokushi
la_corda_stamps // la corda d'oro
mirror_animate // animated look-alike
nana_mirror // nana
ninjafy // naruto
ouran_stampingz // ouran koukou host club
parabewood // ai yazawa series
parakiss_rating // paradise kiss
tenipuri_rating // prince of tennis
trinity_rating // trinity blood
tsubasa_rating // tsubasa: rc
tutu_rating // princess tutu
weiss_rate // weiss kreuz
xmenevo_rating // x-men: evolution
yasha_rating // inuyasha
yuyu_rating // yuu yuu hakusho

stamping_comms // Stamping Communities

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Community Links

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Character Descriptions
Suggestion Box

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